Day Seven...Wait What...


Let me catch you up...It is the Caribbean and when you immerse yourself in the culture, food, and drinks you tend to forget. Since we began our week here in Jost Van Dyke (BVI), we have met so many wonderful people! 

Some of the amazing cuisine includes “stewed fish” and a pig roast! Common, you cannot make this stuff up! Insider Tip: Do not be afraid to talk to anyone, you will find the best meals off the beaten path!

Speaking of paths, the roads in both JVD and St. John can be tricky and have almost a 70-degree angle when driving. Grab the wheel and press the gas pedal but honk that horn for curves! 

Oh, so if you really want to try the stewed fish, it's only available on Thursdays. When you take the road toward Soggy Dollar (Will tell you about this place) on the right is the pineapple house. Just in front of the pineapple house is an old white home, inside is the fish. If you have trouble, ask the customs guy when you get off the boat, his name is Jeff!

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